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The Sustainable Experts

We are the sustainable printed cup specialists for the food service industry in Ireland, the rest of Europe & The United Kingdom

Compostable & Recylable

Our paperboard used for making the cups is both FSC & PEFC certified, they can be both commercially composted as well as home composted, turning our waste into a resource which contributes to the circular economy.

How are Funky Cups different from other so called ''compostable'' cups?

Most paper cups labelled as recyclable or compostable contain either a plastic, PLA, or PBS liner.

Plastic-coated cups (PE coated) are not compostable and cannot be easily recycled, while PLA, PBS, PBAT, or green PE-lined cups are biodegradable (under controlled conditions) and are rarely recycled. In most cases, they end up in landfills or are washed into waterbodies.

Our Bio Cups do not contain plastic or PLA liner and are:

  • easily recyclable
  • home compostable
  • industrially compostable
  • biodegradable
The Greenest Choice for Your Brand!

Funky Cups is the ideal choice for your brand, boasting exceptional eco-friendliness. Our cups are compostable, recyclable, biodegradable, and completely free of plastic. Even if they end up as litter on the streets or in water bodies, they will naturally degrade over time, leaving no harmful residues or lasting impact on the environment. Embrace sustainability with Funky Cups and make a positive difference for a greener future.